Friday, September 16, 2011

tiger stripes and redwood trees

a new beaded bracelet is under way

since the orange beads were already out I decided to go ahead with the tiger theme

preparing the pattern took only a little while, so quite of bit of beading got done already

right now this is the only quilt that is actually in process

and after fiddling with several attempts at other ways to put the "leaves" on the redwood trees I did some thread painting last night

much like the feathers I did on a previous piece, this is all hand stitched

I think it's going to work

meantime I'm starting to think about returning to the Out of Africa series -- I'm pretty sure I'm not done with that yet -- perhaps a horn bill and a gorilla need to be added to the collection -- we'll see

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AlisonH said...

I do love me some redwoods. Got one right over my house.