Monday, September 12, 2011

pumpkin time

nothing quite captures the whole fall thing for me like pumpkins

over the weekend I did a Treasury on Etsy titled "Pumpkin' Chunkin'" -- its a catchy title even if I abhor the practice because I have a real issue with wasting food when there is anyone going hungry

I also started this new piece of bead work -- it will be a pumpkin pin when I get it finished

a lot of the beads in this came out of those 34 boxes of beads that my mother gave me a while back -- there were about 8 different colors and styles of orange beads in there

this one should come together pretty quickly

the last branch of the redwood trees got stitched down last night -- so now it's on to the "leaves" -- I'm hoping to get the sewing machine pulled out and spend some time with the free motion trying some of the ideas I have for that -- and of course there's always the hand embroidery if that doesn't work

you may remember this piece

I finally finished the quilting of the center of this and I was still trying to figure out how to do the "frame" part without leaving all the raw edges that I so dislike

I ended up taking each piece of the framing, turning it with its right side against the right side of the center, stitching through all the layers then turning it back out to the edge

so now I'm working on quilting the frame pieces

moving right along!

this will definitely be finished in time for the November and December exhibits

over the weekend I went and got the buttons for the Christmas hoodie sweater I've been working on, and last night I did the two rows that create the button holes in the front bands -- only two more rows to work, then the bind off and finishing -- WHOOT!

time to get to that huge pile of laundry

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AlisonH said...

It does feel like a pumpkin day; I like that new piece. The quilt, too.