Sunday, September 25, 2011

start lots of new things -- and Christmas project progress

as you may recall, yesterday I decided that I needed a day to play -- and then I promptly spent about 2 hours in the studio rearranging boxes and cleaning -- but it was creative time for the brain!
this will be the next bracelet

the stones have been glued down and it had to "cure" overnight before I start messing with it with beading

this is the piece that prompted our trip to the Gem show last weekend

and it's pretty amazing that I'm actually getting to this so close to getting the materials

and while I was sorting through the boxes, I discovered I had all of these pieces of Rocky Mountain Beach Glass just waiting to be put together into something

so I have this piece of jewelry to put together too

lots of building of bead nets to do for this one

it's good to have a couple of things going at once -- at least for me it is

while I was working on those two things I was also thinking about some new quilt pieces -- one of the email lists I am part of has issued a challenge titled "Four" -- I had already been thinking about doing a series of small pieces of the four seasons, so I may just do that for the challenge -- I'm still thinking about it

last night I got the right front of the Christmas sweater I'm making for Mr. Cute to the point where the stitches go on a "holder" (read, "piece of scrap yarn") to be used later for the hood

ta da!

so this afternoon I'll be casting on for the left front

the DH says "it looks so big", but I put it against the size 12 months sweatsuit that I used for the Halloween costume, and its just about the same size (a bit longer)

moving along nicely -- it took about 10 days from when I cast on, but there were several days that I didn't even touch it

and I know that the back and the sleeves will go much faster than the fronts because there are no cables on tiny size 2 needles involved there

nice -- very nice

one more afghan square complete!

this is almost always my "watching the 10 pm news" project -- meaning sometimes I knit a row and fall asleep with it in my hands -- so it takes a while

the box is getting full though -- I'll need to mail it off soon

I hope to spend some time working on those quilt designs later today -- after I write all the checks for the October bills (Bleah!)


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AlisonH said...

There are no "too bigs" when it comes to babies.