Thursday, September 15, 2011

suddenly out of projects

a couple of hours spent yesterday afternoon on this piece and it is all done!

this piece took only a few days, and amazingly came out almost exactly as I envisioned it

the vine was added after all the pumpkin bead work was finished, and I used right angle weave with a piece of wire inside so it can be twisted line a vine

this was the first time I had used that technique and I can see some other good uses for it for some future projects

this is headed to the Etsy store

this piece is done now too

everything except the label that is

I can't put a label on it until I come up with a title for it

which just hasn't come to me yet

the working title (view from the screen door) doesn't really fit any more because I so changed the concept of the piece to finish it


well, it isn't going anywhere until November, so I have some time to think about a title and get that label on there

I finished the Christmas hoodie last night too -- yippee -- on to the little hoodie for Mr. Cute next on the sticks

I had been deliberately trying to tie up projects because I had applied to an exhibit where I would be creating a specific large piece -- this morning I received the notification that I did not get in to that, so I now have free reign to go in whatever direction feels right -- not to mention I have 3 pieces in a show in October and solo exhibits going on in November and December -- perhaps not having another external deadline is a good thing
the garden continues to provide inspiration

yesterday I discovered another onion flower

they remind me of the agapanthus that grew so well near where we lived in California

time to get moving

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AlisonH said...

I love love love that pumpkin! So much light bursting out of that fall motif!