Sunday, September 18, 2011

the great slog along

as sometimes happens I'm working on a couple of projects because I need to get them finished, but my heart's not really in it -- I'm thinking about some new pieces instead!

this piece for instance

I really like how it's coming out, and I think the design is fun

I just want it to be DONE -- so I can start on something else

heh, like I said -- slogging along

I feel the same way about the quilt and the knitting I'm currently working on

and I'm now in the endless paperwork cycle of the annual Charity Auction that I'm chairing again this year -- writing up the bid sheets and creating the endless lists of what still needs to be done

last night as I watched the news I finished up this afghan square that I had started on Friday in the car

one more for the box

time for breakfast

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