Saturday, July 07, 2012

a beading good time

I think we're done now

I attached the three crystal drops yesterday afternoon

so now all that I need to do before Tuesday's deadline is to take some photos -- I need to set up the "photo studio" and take shots from different angles and with different props and backgrounds to get the very best ones to use for my contest entry

considering that originally I didn't even have an idea for this challenge, I'm pretty happy with this

and I learned how to do some new things while I was working on it too

all good things!

the beading on this piece is finished

today I should be able to get the backing on this and get it all finished


last night I finished doing the quilting in the blue section of the Summer Memories piece and began on the black section (see, I got that thread just in time) 

progress is being made on the malamute block too --- the face is slowly emerging

projects are rolling right along!

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