Friday, July 06, 2012

just a little shopping

when I was working on the quilting of the summer memories on Wednesday evening,  I discovered that the spool of black quilting thread that I had on hand was not going to be enough to do everything I needed to do on that piece

so a little shopping trip was required

and of course a trip to get thread might also mean I find a little item or two that just reaches out and grabs me

these two pieces of fabric whispered to me "I'm part of the malamute" so I brought them home too

the bead store is just a few doors down from the quilt store

and the plan was to try to find some additional raw quartz crystals to create some drops for that white necklace I've been working on

but of course there were other goodies in there too

like this group of amethyst pieces -- in the past I've worked with amethyst as crystals, but they had some cabochons that were the amethyst in the matrix -- I picked up enough stuff to create a necklace and a new cuff bracelet

and I found these unique pieces

there was a whole bowl of stone pieces cut like this, but these were the only two that were this interesting almost pea green

my plan is to turn these into a pair of earrings 

after looking at every piece of quartz crystal in the entire store, I chose these three pieces to turn into the drops on that necklace

as soon as I got home I set to work creating these beaded bell caps

they have been glued and so I'm thinking this afternoon I can get them attached to the necklace

for the past few evenings I've been working on this piece of knitting

this is the first of eight pieces that make up the lion I'm making as a Christmas gift

knitting this was interesting as the pattern is an old one and the format of the instructions is very different from the way things are written now days

it kind of reminded me of the pattern typing we did when we took typing class in high school where you had no idea what it was going to look like unless you did it correctly and even then, not until you had finished it

I'm thinking the second, matching, piece will go quicker

time to get busy -- projects are calling

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