Saturday, July 28, 2012

two steps forward, one step back

more experimenting with a way to "make marks" on the polyester organza continued yesterday

I found that I have one material in the studio that actually will create a mark on that fabric

it's the paint in the squeeze bottle that I first used to paint on t shirts

who knew?

I think I can work with this idea

today I hope to experiment with a different piece of this project

the cutting is finally finished on all of these ferns

this is the last major piece that needed to be done for the big trees piece

so now I need to take everything off of the table in the studio so I can lay out the quilt and arrange and pin these on to it and get it ready to iron these on

I've been thinking about making the quilt sandwich for this piece --- that will be interesting

remember this piece?

this was my entry this year for the Hoffman Challenge

yesterday they announced the winners and the traveling shows

it did not make the cut

I don't get it

we won't speak of it again

1 comment:

AlisonH said...

Fabric paint in a tube--I should have guessed that one. My kids got it on the cabinets we used to have in the bathroom, and it never came off. Paint was paint. We eventually replaced them.

Can't wait to see what those leaves become!