Monday, July 30, 2012

something new

I've been fiddling with this idea in my head for a while now, so yesterday I actually tried out some of the ideas

so far so good

when I get back to this I'll be cutting some flame shapes out of red organza and trying to figure out how to hold the whole thing together to do the stitching

a whole new challenge

I'm hoping by working on this piece I can start getting these images out of my head and into a finished piece

you may remember these items that I picked up last month

I'm going to work on creating something with these

and here is why I work on more than one thing at a time -- I got all the nets done around all those crystals and now I'm "stuck" on how to do anything more with them

that's why the purple stuff came out of the bin and the orange has been set aside for now

this morning I've got laundry to do and some errands to run before I can get back into the studio --- time to get busy

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AlisonH said...

A man's home is his Castle Rock.