Sunday, July 08, 2012

wherein we think about when more is actually more

often when I'm working on the design of a piece of artwork I will remind myself that "less is more"

this piece, for instance, falls into that category

I have limited the color palette here to just one color - orange - to accent that lovely piece of glass that serves as the focal point

a perfect example of when limiting the options makes for better design

this week, however, I've realized something else about the way I work on projects

sometimes more is more

at least in the last month or so I've become more and more excited about new projects that are becoming available to me -- to the point that I need to think about keeping track of when the deadlines on these multiple items are

so just to help myself keep this all straight, here's the list of what's "in the works" right now:

Quilt works:
Y'upik lap quilt
Summer memories competition piece
On the Trail collaboration
Fall theme competition piece
Fire design

Bead works:
orange crystal competition piece
amethyst cabochon necklace
amethyst cabochon bracelet
Gees Bend tribute bracelet #4
lapis bracelet

I'm excited to get into the studio every day and work on things (to the point that any day I can't work on something I get "cranky"!)

time to get in there!!

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AlisonH said...

It's a beautiful piece.