Thursday, July 19, 2012

Christmas in July package from the craft fairy

my sister has contacts

the kind of contacts that call her whenever someone wants to reduce their  fabric or yarn or anything craft related stash

last week we had talked on the phone -- she had borrowed a pattern from me to make herself a tote bag and she wanted to mail it back to me

she said she'd send me some other goodies too

I was not prepared for the size (or the weight!) of this box ---

talk about goodies from the craft fairy!

that small box there with the pink foam lining is full of spools of thread -- apparently her sewing machine is very picky about just what kind of thread it will "consume" and these don't make the cut -- my machine is not so "selective", so she passed these on to me for embroidery projects --- YEAH!

there were many skeins of variegated yarn to be turned into afghan squares, a stack of Christmas themed fabrics, some other fabrics, a plastic needlepoint kit for a Christmas train, a pattern for a stitched house and some assorted cord and ribbon

and buried in the soft goodies there was a container of real maple syrup -- YUM!!

thanks sis!  there will be lots of good things made out of these goodies

as I write this at 10 am, we have already mowed the front lawn --- it is 83 degrees already, and we plan to stay in front of a cool fan for the rest of the day

I'm hoping to get some work done in the studio!

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AlisonH said...

Go sister! Cool! And I hope the weather cools soon.