Wednesday, July 04, 2012

not finished yet

the backing is on, and I finished the"chain" yesterday

but I don't think I'm finished yet

I've waffled back and forth over rather it should have some strategic "drops" from the bottom edge or if it needs fringing

not branched, full, fluffy fringe, but something more straight forward that just elongates the design edge

I'm leaning toward that elongated thought

today I'll try that out and see where it goes

if you're a long time reader here you may recall that I've been involved with a charity auction  to raise funds for a local opera company for the last few years --- during this time we've used a makeshift location in a former retail store across the street from where the performance took place and every year we've worried about the weather ruining everything for us

this year we'll be doing this in a brand new, just completed facility, on the same side of the street, with a connecting door --- we're moving "up town"!

yesterday I got to tour that facility -- setting up this year will be much better -- I'm sure there will be challenges, but it will be a truly amazing location for our event this year

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AlisonH said...

Is that why it looked Phantom of the Opera-esque to my eyes? Cool!