Tuesday, July 24, 2012

just a few projects in the studio

for instance, I'm cranking along on making another charity quilt top

yesterday I cut the strips and put the 20 quilt blocks together

even started putting the strips together to set the whole top

I'm hoping to have this little lovely done today -- it's been nice to work with blocks that don't include pink!

the cording is done round the outside edge of this piece

even got all of the edge clipped so that when I press it the cording will lay smooth

pressing and pinning required next, then attaching the oval to the outside edge that is waiting

looks like by the end of the week I'll be making up the quilt sandwich and starting into the quilting of this piece


five more done

I didn't get to these as early in the day as I hoped to after doing household chores, so I only got half of the next size (14 mm) crystals finished

this is the first size that I have the color crystals that are called "padparadscha"

it's that bright, clear orange one and is a color copied from a padparadscha sapphire which is actually a sort of cross between a yellow sapphire and a ruby (yes, a red sapphire is a ruby or you could say a ruby is a red sapphire)

and I have always loved this color in a natural stone, and I wish the Swarovski folks would do this in more sizes and shapes!

 finished the evening off by completing another project

this is a Christmas present for a friend

the ears were a problem -- the directions that were given made a pair of ears that looked more like misplaced bat wings --- way too large and just the wrong shape entirely for a cat!

the new and improved version that I created (and yes, I wrote it down as I made the first one so the second one would match!) are much better and have that gentle curve to them that looks just right

nice to have one more item finished!

lots of projects to do today  --  time to get to them

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