Saturday, July 14, 2012

Real progress in the studio

the bead work on this piece is over half finished

even more awesome every day

this is the progress on the autumn theme quilt piece

the next step in this process is to create the piece that is the center oval, and I'll be doing a combination of piecing and applique to do that

the plan is to do a narrow corded ridge around the outside of that oval, which means I need to cut some fabric on the bias and make that cording --- some work that can actually be done on the sewing machine

I hope to get that done today

 the quilting on the summer memories piece is finished

I need to measure and determine what the borders/binding need to look like

and I still plan to embellish each of those fireworks bursts with tiny seed beads

I had originally planned to quilt over each of those fireworks, but I find I like the "puff" of each one that has happened because I didn't quilt over them

the look of that piece of yellow organza over the top of this, especially in the dark sky section looks like the smoke that hangs in the air after a fire works display


there is still some knitting going on too

this is the tummy gusset for the lion I'm making

and it had some "issues" and required some ripping back in it's process, but now it's finished

now that I've gotten another skein of yarn for the side piece, I can go back and finish the second side

(couldn't believe I was actually able to get a second skein in the same dye lot!!)

making nice progress

and then there is this

as I mentioned last week, it seems like the more ideas I'm working on, the more spring into my head

this ideas is for a small wall hanging for Halloween

my local quilt guild does a fund raising auction each year and I'm going to try to create this to donate for that

(although I may also make more than one of these)

the background is a spider web pieced block, then the shoes, socks and hat will be appliqued -- sort of --- the plan is for the edges to "dangle" off the edges of the pieced section

I'm planning on using odds and ends of orange, purple, green and black fabrics for most of this


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