Monday, July 02, 2012

the beauty from the tragedy

part of what happens when the air is full of smoke is that the particles in the air make for glorious sunsets

and sunrises

this was the sunrise this morning

beautiful, but sad to know why it is so

I mentioned the other day that I'm thinking about a piece of art work that will use some of the images of the fires -- it's continuing to form in bits and pieces in my head -- I'll start putting stuff down on paper soon and we'll see where it goes

last night I started doing the quilting on the Memories of Summer piece

got almost all of the quilting done around the silhouettes at the bottom edge

meantime, I have a rapidly approaching deadline to get this piece of beading finished!

I've created more pieces of chain, and encircled some more mirrors -- the "necklace" part of this is going to be very interesting

some light work around the house today, the hopefully a lot of work on this piece!

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AlisonH said...

Wow, that fireworks quilt is beautiful, and wow, does it bring emotions this year.