Friday, July 20, 2012

charity quilts and lion manes

time at the sewing machine yesterday afternoon

this quilt top is made from the little pieces and bits of fabrics that were left over from the last few charity quilts that I've made

it's pretty amazing how well all of the different jelly rolls and other pieces went together

and I set something of a personal record for putting a whole quilt top together

I'll be working on more charity quilt tops, but the next batch will be less pink as the fabrics I've most recently gotten are more in the navy blue and red colors

after I finished doing this piece at the sewing machine I did the fusing I needed to do on the next competition quilt I'm trying to get finished, and spent considerable time last night doing the stitching on that piece

today is the deadline for the Hoffman Challenge -- which means that some time soon we'll know who's quilts made the cut (I've got my fingers crossed!)

and the loop stitch mane stitch knitting is finally finished

this was probably the most difficult knitting stitch I've ever done

and it looks really cool

I still have to make the lion's ears, but I should be starting on putting this together

we need to make a quick trip to the grocery store, then I have a lot of paperwork to work on, so I'll be hanging out in front of the cooler doing that, then hopefully more work in the studio

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AlisonH said...

That is one very happy quilt. I've never done loop stitch but a lion mane is the perfect application.