Wednesday, August 29, 2012

a little shopping trip

in order for the DH to finish the front yard project, we needed to make a trip to the hardware store, so we decided to do all of the running around yesterday

after the hardware store (1 sack of white rock and 6 big bags of redwood mulch), we made stops at the office supply store (I needed a printer cartridge) and then on to the fabric store

 what I really needed to get at the fabric store was some Fray Check

 I blame my sister for this piece of fabric that came home with me

after all, she started this whole orange sweat suit
thing by bringing me that fabric last week

this was a remnant of fleece, and I plan to use it for the hood and the pockets on the sweat shirt


and then there was this fabric on the remnant table

this is upholstery fabric and I love both the color and the print

I'm planning on using this to make some kind of tote bag --- the details are a bit fuzzy right now, but at the price it was I couldn't resist it

I've been on the phone a lot this week

so another one of these is finished -- cool

the ice and ibuprofen wasn't really getting it on my back --- maybe because I still helped put up peaches and did laundry and, and --- today I really am going to try to not do a lot of stuff so it might finally start to heal --- grrrrr


AlisonH said...

But it feels good to have those peaches done, doesn't it.

I did not know Broncos came in Halloween colors.

Nancy G said...

Sorry about that enabling, but that really is going to be a cute outfit.

I agree, both the print and the color of that upholstery fabric would have convinced me to buy it. Should be interesting to see what you can find in your stash to go with it.

And a pox be on that back pain!