Sunday, August 05, 2012

yippie, hurrah and WHOOT WHOOT!

the quilt top is finished

I've been working on this long enough that I had forgotten what I imagined it would look like until I laid it out on the floor to take this picture

it is exactly what I had in mind

so now I need to prepare the back of the quilt

 the bead work is finished too

and I found some lovely purple upholstery velour to use on the back of this

I hope to get that finished today

 I know I said we were not going to talk about this again, but sometimes things change

even though my name was not on the original list that was posted for the traveling exhibit, yesterday I received the official letter from the Hoffman Challenge that this piece WILL travel!


the first show it will appear in will be the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival in Loveland, CO on August 17, 18 and 19

I'm hoping to get to the show so I can have my picture taken standing next to it

cool, very, very cool

aside from the work in the studio, yesterday I painted -- one of the bedrooms was two shades of purple -- two walls have a chair rail and were painted a lighter purple above the rail with a darker purple below then each of those colors was used for one of the other two walls --- I'm repainting the room in two silvery gray shades which go really well with the carpet in that room  --- originally I thought I would have to do two coats of paint to cover that purple, but this morning it looks like I won't have to --- I'm delighted!!

I will not be painting today -- I need to rest my back, which is a little sore after doing yesterday's work -- but I do hope to get some studio work done

time for breakfast!


AlisonH said...

I love how the wolf (husky?) is standing guard over the other creatures, it seems to me.

Nancy G said...

Oh, my gosh, that is absolutely gorgeous! What are your plans for the back?

Dorothy said...

Wow! And Congrats!