Thursday, August 09, 2012

a visit from the yarn fairy

I knew it was coming

my sister had called on Tuesday evening to tell me that she had mailed it

I didn't expect it to show up so soon, but when I got home from running an errand yesterday afternoon, there it was, sitting on the front porch

cool!  more cotton yarn there on the left side for the making of more hot pads or dino toys or whatever and three skeins of yarn for knitting of afghan squares

this should keep me knitting and crocheting for a while

beading along

I wasn't exactly sure what the background needed to be for this piece when I started it, so I just started working in a "circle" around the far left moon and kept going from there

and I'm pleased with this sort of organic varied look

and as sometimes happens, I'm already thinking about some other beading project and getting impatient to be done with this one

must . bead . faster!

 new blocks for another charity quilt top-- some of the fabrics were left over from the last one and some of them came off the put and take table at last month's quilt guild meeting

need to get into the fabric bins and find something  to set this together

I don't know if this one will be finished in time for tonight's guild meeting --- depends how fast I manage to get everything else finished that I need to do today


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