Monday, August 06, 2012

of amethyst cuffs and dino toys

it's finished

yesterday afternoon I got the back on -- a soft upholstery velour in a coordinated purple -- yum

on to the next bead project!

(oh yeah, if you want to get a look at more pictures use the link to my Etsy store there on the top right of the blog)

the binding on the autumn piece is all finished -- just have to attach the sleeve and the label, so this one will be going to the guild meeting on Thursday evening

yesterday I showed you the Y'upik quilt top --- and now the "sandwich" has been put together so the quilting can begin --- the back of the quilt is the same deep blue that I used for the strips that set the front together --- I haven't decided yet what sort of quilting pattern I'll use, and I need to go get a spool of thread to do the quilting with -- I don't have anything on hand that matches properly

 this project is done too

finished putting him together and adding the french knots for the eye balls last night

one more Christmas project complete!

the plan for this little guy is to stuff him in the top of Mr Cute's Christmas sock

this was kind of fun to make and went much quicker than I thought it would

I love the little horns!

guess it's getting close to time to think about the Christmas sweater for Mr Cute too

it's Monday -- laundry to do before I can get back into the studio

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Oh, that's pretty!

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Very cool.