Friday, August 10, 2012

finished, working, finished, mailing

since I had started this on Wednesday, I really wanted to finish it to take to last night's guild meeting

fortunately I had that blue chambray looking fabric in the stash box, so I had something to use to set the blocks together

oh look!  another top without PINK!

it's not as cool as the green one was, but I do like it

the deep blue sky  is slowly moving over the surface of this piece encircling the moon faces, one by one

I am very pleased with how this is going

 this one should be titled "Christmas Cactus" -- that's what this color combination makes me think of

I finished this while I was chatting with my daughter yesterday afternoon -- and I started another one too


today I plan to get this piece packed up so I can send it off to New Hampshire for the challenge I made it for

and on to other things!

time to get to it

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