Wednesday, August 08, 2012

produce and projects

picky, picky

this time last year I was picking every morning from our garden -- we had peppers and cucumbers and green beans and tomatoes -- enough that we gave stuff away and canned lots of tomatoes

so far this year, these are about the extent of our picking

that round, pale green ball is a cucumber --- most definitely NOT the variety we thought it was

between the early hail followed by the HEAT, this has not been a good year to grow produce

unfortunately, the farmers are also dealing with this issue, which means the price of food will probably go up again -- which is not got news for any of us

NOW it's finished!

not as easily as anticipated

after I had picked it off the incorrectly attached sleeve, I repinned it -- fortunately before I started stitching, I held it up to look at it -- and had pinned it to the OTHER side


by the time the evening was over, however, I had fixed that problem -- the sleeve is stitched on and the label is attached

this will go in the mail on Friday morning -- I want to take it for show and tell at my guild meeting Thursday evening before I do that

started the background on the moon bracelet yesterday afternoon

the larger, crystal-like rounds that I'm working into the background are actually moonstone beads --- how cool is that?

I think I'm really going to like this piece

the stitching on the fire piece has begun --- because all of the layers are light weight, sheer fabrics, I decided a finer thread than what I usually use for quilting was in order, so I'm using a Sulky Rayon thread to do that  -- I've done just a little bit of stitching on this so far, and I'm pleased so far

I think I've settled on what sort of sweater I'll be knitting for Mr Cute for Christmas -- just need to sort through the yarn and select the proper stuff --- should be fun!

time to get movin'

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AlisonH said...

How do you decide when it's time to switch from one project to the next in a day? Just curious. I'm in awe of how much you do.