Saturday, August 25, 2012

Epic Fail

my plan was to get the background blocks done

I had already cut the strips and sewed the pairs together

so this should have been simple -- cut the triangles, set the pieces together --- finished block -- right?

uh, not so much

let me tell you that I have done very little machine piecing --- as I've said before, my sewing machine and I work wonderfully well together to make clothing, but quilting has always been a hand stitched process except for those very basic charity quilt tops

so I thought I'd show you these two failures --- if you look at the one on the left you'll notice right away that the points of those triangles don't meet in the center -- and while it's harder to see with the other block, that one doesn't lay flat in the center, even though the points meet

I called in the expert --- the DH drew me a new block -- a simple one made up of squares and rectangles, which means that I can actually machine piece it --- I can use some quilting to jazz it up once I get it finished

this little side trip does mean that I probably won't get back to this until after Labor Day, which also means I may not get it finished in time to have one for the original idea I had in mind --- RATS!

guess I need to move faster

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