Thursday, August 02, 2012

the dog days of August

this block took a while!

and while I was in the midst of working on it, I was never sure it would be satisfactory when it was finished

guess I can stop worrying about that now

and this is the last of the blocks that were to be appliqued for the top of the Y'upik lap quilt

so when I get back into the studio, I'll be cutting the pieces to put this top together


one more of these complete

(these get finished faster when I spend more time on the phone talking to my daughter and my sister and my mother!)

didn't get quite as much done on art projects yesterday -- sometimes household projects need some attention too, and I'm working on painting a bedroom this month while the DH is working on a project in the front yard -- once those are finished I'll be showing you pictures of them too

time for breakfast!


AlisonH said...

Ooooh, coooool...!! Iditarod. Winterdance! (A book I read by a guy who did that race twice.)

Nancy G said...

That is amazing! And, thanks to Alison, I have a book on request at the library. 8-)