Thursday, August 16, 2012

Christmas in August

a couple of years ago the microwave over the stove quit working

so we had been using a small counter top model, and just using that old dinosaur for a storage cabinet

at Christmas time my sister told me she would buy me a new microwave for over the stove

we finally decided what we wanted to get, and yesterday the guy came and installed it

as I watched him struggle with figuring out how to get the old one out I was really happy that my sister was willing to provide the installation too --- I don't know if we could have done it on our own

Thanks sis!!

 more beading is being done

two complete sets of hats and scarves for the snowmen are finished now

three more sets to go

one more of these finished yesterday too

I think I have enough of these for the Christmas giving finished, so I'm thinking about adding some of them to one of my Etsy shops

we'll see

time to get moving --- lots of work to do today

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Nancy G said...

You're welcome! Now, to learn all the neat things it can do...