Monday, August 13, 2012

pickin' and knittin' and beadin'

apparently, the weather conditions are good for a bumper crop of peppers!

aside from the two little Roma tomatoes and the one little squash, the whole basket is full of peppers

I have discovered that we have an eggplant that has actually set and there are several pumpkins that are developing too

 the first of the scarves for the snowmen is now complete -- this whole thing took less than an hour from beginning to end


now that this hat and scarf are done, it's time to put some other color of yarn in the bag for this project

 more bead work

the night sky is slowly covering the surface of this

yesterday afternoon I got the darker gray painted in the bedroom -- there  is so much  white trim in there that it took me almost as long to do all the taping as it did to put on the paint!  and once again this morning I'm doing a happy dance that I will not have to put on another coat of paint --- the next step is to paint all of that white trim -- and the INSIDE of the closet, which doesn't look like it's ever had anything but the builders primer coat of paint -- ick

time for breakfast --- lots of work to do!

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AlisonH said...

I love the blues in that sky.

Glad you got something out of that garden! I've been watching the squirrels devour my neighbors' gorgeous tomatoes, perching on the fence between us. My tomato plants are in pots that I hauled inside after they mauled the first, and we're just starting to pick them. The air-conditioned texture isn't the best, but the flavor is way better than storebought.