Friday, September 14, 2012

a little shopping trip

one of the inconvenient things about living in our little village is that when a piece of equipment from the garage workshop needs to be repaired, we can't have it done here -- we have to make a trip to Denver
and yesterday we did that -- and then we made a little side trip to a bead show that was going on up there too

I didn't have a big list, since right now I'm in the midst of a big beading project, and I'm not really thinking about the next one yet but these items just seemed to need to come home with me ---

and that triangular chocolate colored druzy piece will probably end up in a piece that coordinates with the current project

not only did I pick up some items in the shopping, I picked up a couple of objects off the ground outside the building

a lot of the pictures I've seen of acorns show a distinctly shorter, rounder nut than these

and I'm especially intrigued by the little immature ones on the stems

of course time spent in the van to Denver and back means I'm knitting afghan squares --- and I'm not sure this one will even fit in that box I've been filling

 it may be the first in a new box

 usually I'd be showing you a picture like this no later than the first part of July

but this was an unusual summer (to put it mildly!) between the huge hail and the extreme heat, the garden just didn't do much but raise my water bill

these are the first two tomatoes of any size off this plant -- they are fated to be this morning's breakfast ---- probably the only fried green tomatoes we'll get for the entire effort

I'll be savoring them

lots of things to get done today --- time to get moving

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AlisonH said...

Green tomatoes (especially the greener they are) have a bit of what's more in the leaves and stem: a compound that speeds up the heart rate. The ripe tomato doesn't have it. I have no idea if that's an issue but I thought I'd mention it.

Said the woman whose baby scarfed a few tomato leaves years ago and ended up in the ER barfing with ipecac under medical supervision. So my take on it might be a little strong.