Sunday, September 30, 2012

no Cinderella coach here

only pumpkins

and they are pretty muddy pumpkins at that

after the hail storm I went out with my pruning shears and cut them free of that bedraggled vine

they were ready to be picked actually -- I was just letting them stay out there hoping for some cool nights to sweeten them up, but since the leaves are totally destroyed, I decided it was time for them to come into the house

the smaller one will probably continue to turn orange -- that will be interesting to watch

some work on this piece got done again yesterday

this shot was taken without the big pear shaped glass piece sitting in the center

because I want the light to come through that piece from the back, I need to add it after the piece is all beaded and backed

the surface is slowly filling up, and so far I'm pleased with the way it's going

I've been trying to get my studio organized

yesterday I went through all of the bags and the SIX flats of bead "stuff" that has been accumulating as I finish a project and just go on to the next one instead of putting things away as well as the new stuff that has been ordered and not yet used

the table was covered with bottles of beads, plastic bags of stones, and assorted other bits and pieces

I now have only ONE flat full of project bags -- these are items that have either been pulled from inventory for repair or rework as well as some projects that have been planned and/or started but have stalled for some reason --- obviously I need to consider working out of this flat when I finish the current project!

meantime, I still have a lot of tubes of beads on the table that I'm sorting by color so I can actually get them back into the plastic containers they belong in

every now and then this is a necessary exercise and it actually can serve as inspiration to keep me working on things

this is part of my clearing the decks to get ready for The Visioning Project -- which officially begins tomorrow

I haven't yet finished a couple of things that were already in progress and are committed for other projects, but I feel pretty good about being ready to dive into this new work --- we'll see how that all goes

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AlisonH said...

Pumpkin pie time. It's coming already, isn't it?