Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Third time's the charm

in the end, after putting in the work on creating the witch hat and shoes, the background of squares was still just too busy and did not provide enough contrast

so off to the fabric store we went where we picked out three fabrics to create this much less complex backing

I whipped together two of these in no time, and I've already appliqued the "witch" on to one of them and started on the second one

here is part of why I didn't post over the long weekend
we went to visit with Mr Cute

here he is sitting on the table with his wood train track all around him

he is a big fan of "choo choos" and "tacktors" (tractors)

can't believe his ever growing vocabulary -- he has a consistent, recognizable word for motorcycle -- 4 syllables!

and he's just soooooo cute!!

since I went to see Mr Cute, I spent some time in the car

which means more charity afghan squares got knit

the box has now been declared "FULL", so I'll be packing it up and sending it off in the next week or so

this morning we mowed the yards --- it's cooler in the mornings than it had been, but it will still be pretty warm this afternoon --- but Fall is coming -- the leaves are starting to turn already (earlier than normal because we are in extreme drought)

time to get to the many other projects that need to get done

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AlisonH said...

He's so cute! I can just picture him being friends with our Parker, too.