Monday, September 10, 2012

a view into the garden

fall is coming

the pumpkins in my garden are starting to turn

I snapped this picture yesterday afternoon -- love the whole look --- the two fences (wood and wire) that surround it, the vines and the leaves and the pumpkin flowing along in contrast to the sharp straight lines of the boards and the mesh


a very short time at the sewing machine and I transformed what was a sleep sack for a newborn into a pair of pj pants for a toddler

the fabric was still in really good condition, so it seemed right to get some more use out of it

and since I was already in there I decided to go ahead and work on the witch pieces for a while

I'm pleased to say that the quilting on one of them is done

my machine and I had a meeting of the minds and I'm very pleased both with the process (I'm starting to "get" it!) and with the finished result

I hope to get the second one quilted in the next couple of days

the amethyst piece got listed in my Etsy store

and this is the beginning of the next piece --- a challenge titled Chocolate Cherry for one of my bead groups

for the first time one of my suggestions was chosen as the theme for the group, so I feel some responsibility to actually participate

these four pieces are vintage ruby glass and I've used a Delica bead called Dark Chocolate to build most of the bezel around each one


lots of things to do today -- laundry, pick up some groceries, some writing on another project, and a lot of organizing to prepare for the charity auction -- we're in the final month now, so activity on that picks up considerably between now and Oct 6

time to get to it

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AlisonH said...

There's going to be a happy toddler with those happy pants.

Congratulations on getting naming rights!