Thursday, September 13, 2012

seeing red

still in the (boring) bezeling stage

the top three are more of those sugar topped pieces of glass

and the bottom three are taller pieces that I used a new technique to build the bezel around -- it's a little more open than working rows and rows of peyote stitching around the edge

this is the drawing of the suite of jewelry I plan to make with all those (and many more) red glass pieces

while I've been fiddling with the bezels, the DH has been sketching

pretty cool stuff, and now that there are drawings, I'm really impatient with the bezeling and want to get on with the real pieces



finished another one of these yesterday


the binding on the witches is moving along slowly -- it just takes time to hand stitch all around the edge

time in the studio yesterday also included cutting out the "real" material for the pants I'm making my daughter --- the "test" stitching went very well, so we're ready for this step --- sewing will begin soon

and work on the charity auction continues --- this is the part that is both frustrating and rewarding, and so far it's going pretty well

time to get to it!

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AlisonH said...

Cue the Michael Jackson song: Bead it, bead it...