Wednesday, September 19, 2012

not Peter Piper

but there are pickled peppers!

since the chilis in our garden are about the only thing that did well this year, the DH decided to put up some of the jalapenos for future nacho making

the whole house smelled of vinegar and turmeric and hot peppers


 finished project for my daughter

the finishing work on this piece took a lot less time than the first one did

it's amazing what a difference having good thread makes!

so now the quilting projects shift to more time on the "project which can not be named", and quilting the lap quilt that is ready and waiting

and the trees!

progress on the bead work

slowly working my way around the center "flower"

looking good

this is moving right along nicely too

last night I split the sleeves from the body

and at the next knitting session I should get to where I can start knitting in the tractor


today -- more auction stuff, and more cleaning -- not exciting, but necessary


AlisonH said...

Cool! The proverbial Peter needs a Piper to fly in to pick up those pickled peppers.

Nancy G said...

Not only does that turmeric smell good, it also has medicinal use; plus, it makes a really nice yellow dye!