Sunday, September 23, 2012

some outdoor work

the DH has been working on this project this week

this is the little shed that sits outside the garage that we use to store things like display equipment and our craft show tent

it is built almost entirely of recycled materials and every so often, we need to repaint it

so this summer we have been haunting the "color mistake" area of the hardware store, scooping up $5 gallons of grey paint so we could do this job before winter weather

 the DH still wants to get a small can of white to put a second coat of paint on the trim, but at least now the surface is protected


I finished the beading on the surface of this project yesterday afternoon

because I used the dark felt to stitch on I didn't have to go over the whole piece with the permanent marker and fill any areas that might show

I could get to like this idea!

later today hope to get this backed and finished -- because I'm already starting to think about the next piece in this suite of jewelry

yesterday afternoon's work on the "project that can not be named" went very well --- I hope to get it pressed and get the quilt sandwich made so the quilting can begin

and because I was letting the paint dry on that project, I spent my stitching time last night working on the lap quilt that I put together earlier in the summer --- it's now cool enough in the evenings that I don't mind having a quilt draped over my lap!

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AlisonH said...

"Quilt sandwich" after talking about fish bacon had me doing a double take and a laugh there.