Tuesday, February 09, 2010

About Face

so the turtles on the other side of the quilt face the other direction

this one is also a sort of pale aqua with a slightly darker print on the shell (which did not photograph well)

I love the expression on the face of this one

one more little one

yesterday the DH drew up the full size drawings for the Hoffman Challenge design and I did a scale drawing so I know how big to cut the beginning blocks -- all of the patterns have been marked onto tracing paper, and we picked out the other fabrics for the details of the quilt (having purchased 3 of the Hoffman fabrics, we decided we would use from the stash if possible for the rest of the details for the front) -- it's moving right along

the beaded piece is almost done, the coral scarf is almost done -- lookin' good

time to get to it

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