Monday, February 22, 2010

Trial and Error

as you may recall my saying, I got myself a new photo "brag book" last week, so the DH wants to use my old one

I also got a new camera for Christmas, and I'm still learning all of it's little ins and outs

this morning I took the pieces of silver that he wanted photographed and went to the photo booth to shoot new pictures

and after I downloaded them to the computer I started cropping and tweeking to try and get the best possible shots

so this is starting to sound like what the eye doctor says to you when you have your eye exam

"one or two?"

"one or two?"

(yellow or blue?!)

ok then, I've got some fiddling still to do then the DH will have to pick his favorite picture of each and every piece and we'll have to write something up for each one so I can make up the "postcards" to fill up his book

yesterday I worked on projects -- quilting on the fish, appliqueing lily pads on the Hoffman piece, starting the sleeves on the Knitting Olympics piece (see, I'm 60% done!), working my way up to the decrease rows on the second mitten of this pair -- and I watched a movie from 1965 that I had never seen -- Doctor Zhivago -- while the snow fell outside my windows

and so now, under the category of "where does your inspiration come from", there is a new mixed media piece perking in my brain

but for now, the laundry is calling

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AlisonH said...

One. (Talking about the second set of photos.) The piece looks warmer and more inviting in the first one.