Tuesday, February 23, 2010

merrily we roll along

a visit to the only (large) fabric store here in our little village yielded this bit of fabric that I think is absolutely perfect for a quilt that is appliqued sea turtles

the figures look like chalk drawings on a blackboard and there are the fish and the sand dollars and the shells and the sea turtles!

the fabric has been through the washer already and now I can do the pinning of the quilt "sandwich" and get ready to go

while I was in the fabric store I also found a fat quarter packet that had some perfect fabrics to do the corner blocks in the Hoffman design and a black and white print that I couldn't resist, so there will be one more Heart Song block too (that thing is proving to be like potato chips -- can't stop at one!)
here is the latest pair of mittnz -- number 6! so the pile to be sent off is growing while the little balls of scrap in the stash box is shrinking -- it's a wonderful thing

work on the Knitting Olympics sweater is now 68% complete -- closing in on the finishing line!!

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AlisonH said...

The perfect fabric! And the mittens are great fun. Speaking of Olympic challenges... I've got a design to finish hashing out...