Sunday, February 28, 2010

And the winner of the Gold Medal is


ok, I've feeling very good about my knitting prowess --- this adorable baby hoodie all finished in less than the time it takes the world to do Winter Olympics

I finished the last little loop for the buttons as the final ski event was being played on our "prime time" coverage last night

honestly I feel a bit bereft -- what do I start on next?

it was so early in the evening that I worked the entire cuff of the first mitten in a new pair --

now I just have to figure out how to get to that medal stand to collect my gold medal!

this was actually fun --- do we get to do this again for the summer games in two years?

this morning I went through my stash and found the necessary yarn to knit a turtle toy -- since I'm now in the quilting phase of the sea turtle quilt it's time to think about the toy that will go with it (a sort of tradition I started a couple of years ago, and I kind of like) -- cast on coming soon
these have been on the bead project board for the last week

each of these is an 8 mm diameter glass pearl that has been "belted" with size 11 delicas and size 15 seed beads (those are the light ones that look like the prongs in a setting)

I need to find the bottle of Fray Check and seal off all of those threads, and then it's on to setting all of these together

like a lot of things when you teach yourself a new technique, the first two or three involved a lot of time and some considerable mumbling, but the last few went quite quickly

this is going to be a very nice necklace I think

I've started on the last (and yes, I really mean it this time) Heart Song block yesterday -- got most of the center of it finished

who knows what I'll work on today!

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