Monday, February 15, 2010

Three Twirly Beads

the third one went pretty well until I got to where I was closing up the ends

then it got dicey

the issue of working with beads and thread is that beads are glass and threads are fiber

it's the beader's version of rock, paper, scissors

glass wins every time

especially when just one little bead has a sharp edge

I picked back about 6 rows of peyote stitch and tied on a new thread then carefully examined each and every size 15 bead before it went on the needle

ah ha! there's the culprit!! just one little bead that had a "bite" out of the edge was causing all the trouble

so now I'm thinking I'll make two more twirly beads, smaller still

(ok, I know, I'm nuts!)

this is the quilt top I sewed together yesterday

it was the kit for a charity quilt that I picked up at my guild meeting on Thursday evening, and I wanted to get it done before I got too far away from the meeting and forgot that I had made this commitment

it took me about an hour and a half


yesterday I also worked on the turtle quilt (only 3 more pieces to applique before the last block is done)

and the Hoffman challenge (only 1 more piece to applique to finish the first block)

and the DH helped me with pulling the yarn through the first two channels on the redwood tree -- it may not seem like a big deal, but after I did the last one of these, my wrist was very sore for a couple of days, and since this tree is much bigger, I ask him to help me out -- and we're doing it in sections

finished knitting the pair of mittnz I was working on last night, so today I can stitch them up and take a picture (hopefully I'll remember) and then move on to the next pair which will also be striped because I have some pink/purple/blue yarn pieces that need to get used up

and I've added a new counter over there on the right side of the blog -- as of this morning my Knitting Olympics project is 17% complete (I think I can, I think I can)

laundry is callin'

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