Friday, February 12, 2010

Knitting Olympics (and other things)

Ok, I probably won't even watch much of the Olympics (except the bobsled -- I love the bobsled ever since I saw the movie Cool Runnings), but I have decided to give a try at being part of the Knitting Olympics.

If you are a knitter and want to get more details about this event, use this link and check out what the Yarn Harlot has to say about signing up.

I'm going to attempt a hooded baby sweater for my event -- I have 17 days from this evening to get 'er done -- since this is a project that otherwise has no deadline because I'm just using yarn that is on hand to build a little stash of baby gifts in case I'm invited to a baby shower for someone, there is little stress, and it should be fun

I did my swatching last night during the business part of my quilt guild meeting and made gauge right off -- that's a good sign!

Guild meeting was a blast -- where have these ladies been the last 7 years? -- oh, yeah, probably here (at least some of them) -- where was I?

I turned in the two blocks of the Heart Song pattern that I had finished (I hope to do at least one more before next meeting), brought home a kit for a quilt top to me stitched before the next meeting (where we will be finishing up a batch of small quilts for charity), and have an album block to do for one of the officers who will end her term this year. Fun

Yesterday I started another twirly bead using the smaller beads -- it's doing exactly what I thought it would, and I hope to get it finished today (pictures to follow!)

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