Wednesday, February 24, 2010

gifts of the yarn fairy

lookie what appeared at my doorstep!

evidently the yarn fairy heard that I've been knitting up mittens out of little bits and pieces out of my stash box and felt compelled to make sure I had enough wool yarn to keep on knittin' mittnz!

heh heh

ok, so there are 4 skeins of a sort of camel hair/carmal-ly color and two that are a sort of mauve-y flecked color and two that are lilac and two that run from brick red to pink and a deep purple and that back one on the right that is brown and teal

I selected the red to pink variegated to start the next pair of mittens --- perhaps they'll get cast on tonight

Knitting Olympics News

in the race for the gold, I've completed the 2 sleeves for the baby sweater and have cast on the hood and knit 4 rows on it too

74% complete -- with 5 days to go

(I think I can, I think I can)

oh yes, the yarn fairy also sent along buttons that will be perfect on this

so a big shout out and a thank you to my sister for being the yarn fairy!!

remember I said I had an idea for another quilted piece perking in my head?

it involves these two things

just so I could get the little image demons to SHUT UP! I did some picture research and created a file on my desktop so I have a record to go back to when I finish the 6 projects that are in the que ahead of it

today is pay day, so we'll be heading off to do our big monthly Costco trip (canned goods, toilet paper, soap) then a stop at a friend's house to check up

hopefully some actual work in the studio too

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AlisonH said...

A big thank you from here to your sister!

I went to Costco once and bought a two-gallon box of milk, paid less than five bucks for my total, and the clerk went, How did you DO that?! Nobody comes out of Costco that cheap!

Well, when you live really closer by the place...