Thursday, February 18, 2010

showing off

when you walk into a new group and want them to see what it is you do it is handy to have a little "brag book" of photos

I was using a much thinner book, but with the explosion of pieces I've done in the last two years (and we're just talking quilts here), I outgrew the book I was using

enter one of the things I actually like about Walmart

I picked up this photo album for $3

it has space inside for 100 4x6 inch items -- either photos or cards

so now I've got pictures of my quilts and a brief explanation for each one in the book with lots of room to add (which is good -- I've got about 5 more in process right now)

meantime, the DH has expressed an interest in having the book I outgrew as a place to show off his silver work

a good idea!

I'll be printing pictures of his stuff and getting him set up too

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