Thursday, February 11, 2010

twirly beads and knitted things

I decided it would be fun to play with some of the new supplies that arrived a while back and with some new techniques too

this was the result of the first experiment

it is worked in three different sizes of beads (11s, 8s and 6s) and it is done in peyote stitch

once I got the hang of working with the different sizes of beads in the same spiral it went pretty quickly

the end is closed off with peyote decreases so that it is flat across and I left a hole so it could be strung onto a necklace

I'm thinking about doing a couple more of these in these size beads then have a try at doing some that begin with a size 15 (smaller) then stringing up the whole thing with some random silver and other big blue glass for a big chunky look necklace

we'll see how that all works up -- it's definitely a change of pace from the bead embroidery piece that I just finished
the coral scarf is complete -- all 59 inches worth

and I love it!

now it needs to go into a gentle wash cycle and an equally gentle tumble dry and it will be ready to be gifted

there is enough of the yarn left to knit a pair of mittens -- or two, so that may be where the rest of it goes

because this knitting project is complete I will now be doing the swatching for the annual Christmas sweater

I've knit the pattern before, but in a different yarn, so it's still a good idea to make sure we're on gauge before we just set off into the project! (nothing like getting a big hunk done then having to "tink" the whole thing to make a knitter cranky!)

finished another afghan square

only need 3 more to fill the box

and I have a good shot and getting a lot of another one done tonight while I'm sitting in the business meeting of the quilt guild

two of the three flippers and the head of the big turtle are done, so that is moving right along

after a trip to the local store to pick up a marking pencil in something other than blue or white I was able to get the first block of the Hoffman Challenge project marked and ready to start stitching (marking a blue to white marble-y looking fabric with either a blue or a white pencil just wasn't doing it for me! I picked up 3 different pencils -- pink, yellow and silver -- that should take care of just about everything I'm working on)

time to get back to it!

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AlisonH said...

There's something about turtles that just seems to inherently appeal to knitters, y'know?

Beautiful bead and lacework!