Wednesday, February 10, 2010

To Fringe or Not to Fringe

I still haven't decided if this is actually "finished" or if it will get put back in the rotation and some fringe added to it

I need to think about it a while

meantime, I'm really pleased with how well the glass piece worked being suspended in the center of the open space --- with a minimum of fussing too (amazing when something actually works the way I see it in my head!)

so what do you think? Fringe or no fringe?

the last of the small turtle blocks has been completed

so cute

these have actually been a lot of fun

today I will be starting on the big one (he is about twice the size of these) that will be in the middle block

and I'm thinking about the quilting pattern on this

it looks like the quilt top will be done in the next week or 10 days, then I'll have to wait until after payday to go looking for a backing and to get a batting for it

which is all okay because I do have a couple of other projects in the works

like the redwood tree, for instance

and these two block which will be the first ones I work on for the Hoffman challenge piece

and one more heart song block to do too

and the sashiko piece

and the coral scarf (which should be off the sticks tonight)

and the mittnz

and --- and --- (well, you know how it goes here)

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