Sunday, February 14, 2010

the ghost of weaving past

this is the ghost of weaving past

and a confirmation that even good wool doesn't last forever in adverse conditions

quite a while back I ordered (and received) the replacement parts to repair my loom

on Friday I finally got around to actually doing it

the yarn in the picture was what was left around the boom from a long ago weaving project -- like about 20 years ago

it had to come off because it had weakened to the point that I could tug on it and it would break

considering it had been moved from state to state, been hot, been cold, etc., etc., it was not a real surprise

so now I can think about what I want to put on this for a "first time back" project, and I'm seriously thinking rag rug -- I think my daughter might be a willing recipient of one for the doorway in from the patio where the dogs track in all the mud

we'll see
the experimentation with the smaller sized beads was a big success

or perhaps I should say a "smaller" success, since the whole idea was to get a smaller bead

I like it!

I've now started a second small one and an idea for creating a necklace is forming (I pulled out a bunch of big silver and glass beads to play with to see if I will need to make a couple more of the twirly beads or not)

the final channels have been stitched in the big redwood tree

after having done the first two trees by hand, I decided there was no sin in using a perfectly good sewing machine to do this part!

so, the 13 channels in this one got finished in just two days and now I'm ready to start stringing in the fat scratchy yarn to "stuff" each channel

the head and flippers of the big sea turtle are all stitched and yesterday I got half of the shell done on him too -- can't wait to get him finished up so I can put the whole top together

and I'm making progress on the Hoffman challenge blocks too

as I mentioned the other day, I'm participating in the Knitting Olympics

this was my swatch (which is going through the washer when I do laundry tomorrow)

I have cast on my project, and I'm 6% through it

will I make it before the flame goes out?

we'll see

yesterday we went to Canon City for an Art Clay Guild meeting, so I did some knitting on the way

so here we are with another afghan square complete

only two more to fill the box!!

my plan was to get a lot more knitting done during the meeting since I had not planned to participate in the actual guild -- the metal clay work is the purview of the DH -- I'm the fiber/glass piece of the design crew

uh, yeah -- right

shall we say I'll be doing a class on design for them, and putting together a basic website too

a good time was had by all, and at the next meeting the DH actually gets to work with the new copper clay that has just come out and he has been curious about -- it should be lots of fun!

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