Tuesday, February 16, 2010

twirling and swimming

ok, it sounds like symptoms for an inner ear problem

not what I meant at all

I finished the first of the next smaller twirly bead yesterday afternoon

what is most interesting is that even though it is made of smaller beads, it isn't any shorter, but it is slimmer and has a less defined twist


one more of these to make then I'll be pulling out the design board and working out what will go between these to create the necklace

the middle block of the turtle quilt is now complete

so now it's on to stitching the blocks together (since there are only 9 of them that shouldn't take that long)

then I'll be looking for a suitable fabric to use for a backing --- something that can be defined as a "juvenile" print but it must have turtles -- and I'll need a batting too

this will also give me a chance to think about how it should be quilted

the washed swatch for my Knitting Olympics project came out of the washer and dryer much softer than it was when it went in

it's almost like a piece of fabric with too much sizing -- sort of stiff and scratchy when it goes in and nice and soft when it comes out

I decided that my work count should take into consideration the fact that I will have to stitch this sweater together too, so even though I knit enough to be within a inch of the underarms last night, the percentage count over there on the side bar is lower than yesterday's

I hope to "catch up" by tomorrow's count
Mittnz #5 complete

I really like these, especially the cool rusty colored tip on the thumbs

and stitching up a pair that is striped is actually easier than plain ones at least in terms of having the rows line up properly -- after all, there is that whole color change to guide you -- it does take a bit longer to weave in all of the ends, but I'm ok with that


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AlisonH said...

Warm hands, warm hearts; and I love the blue beads!