Thursday, February 25, 2010

Still testing

one or two?

the new photo was taken with a mode on the new camera that the old camera didn't have and I'm experimenting with

it was also taken in natural (though not really bright) light without a flash (that sort of yellow cast over the right hand photo is from the flash)

and check out the amazing difference in these two photos

(and yes, that far left one is the best of the batch and it's not all that great except for the reflection part)

the difference in the detail is amazing

another afghan square complete, the box is now full

I'll be shipping it off in the next couple of days

and the hood of the Knitting Olympics project has proven to be the biggest challenge of all -- for one thing, it begins with almost twice as many stitches -- even so, I'm chugging along (77% complete!)

applique group this morning -- time to fly


AlisonH said...

One shows way more detail, and I would go with it over the other, but the color is more inviting in two.

Nancy G said...

Better "one," definitely! You could always play with the color to make it look a little warmer (see Alison's comment). Isn't it nice to have good tools?!