Sunday, February 07, 2010

Better Turtle

yes, I'm much happier with this version for a baby quilt block

and it only took me one stitching session!

with luck the remaining blocks will go together as quickly and I can get this top put together in the next 10 days or so

then it will be on to the quilting

yesterday I got the notice from the State Fair of what the special quilt competition will be this August

and I actually have a couple of ideas about doing it

(yeah, about that ongoing list of projects -- it just keeps moving in and out like a giant accordian -- new projects in, finished projects out -- music to my ears)

I've been working on the finishing work of the beaded piece -- working the insides of the small holes in the work takes longer than doing the embroidery on the face of the piece -- I have 4 of the openings finished -- 3 more to do

the coral scarf is now 36 inches long (only 19 more to do!) and the rows are almost automatic now, so instead of one repeat of the pattern each night, I'm doing two -- at this rate the scarf should be ready to block by about the middle of the week

a new pair of mittnz got started last night after I divided up the little balls of yarn so both of the mittnz will match and actually look like a pair -- worked up about 3/4 of the ribbing on the first one

and finished this afghan square -- only 4 more of these needed to fill the box

time to get busy

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