Saturday, February 06, 2010

heart songs and trees and mittnz (OH MY!)

I finished another Heart Song block

the black and white print is one of the fabrics my sister brought

I think my heart applique work gets better with each one -- this one looks especially sharp

one more to go to meet my goal of having one a month for the quarter (and it's only the 6th of the month!)

finished "stuffing" the second redwood tree

I used an entire 2 ounce skein of this ancient yarn to do this one

this yarn did do a much quicker job of the "stuffing" that the nicer stuff I was using for the first one, so I am once again feeling thankful that someone gave this stuff to my sister and she deemed it "too scratchy" to use for knitting projects

so now I will begin the really big tree that goes between the two little ones (LITTLE?!) that I have just finished

today I'll be ironing the new turtle fabric and the Hoffman Challenge fabric -- I'm ready to start in on the next/first turtle block, but if I'm going to drag out the ironing board and use the electricity to heat up the iron, I might as well do all of it!
Ta Da!

a pair of finished mittnz -- this is pair number four

I thought I would have used up all of these yarns doing this pair, but no, there are still pieces of both of them -- but not enough to make another pair

so I found some other brown tone wool yarn in the stash that is also little pieces, and later today I split up all of the yarn into equal size balls (2 of each color) and start another pair

the coral scarf is now 31 inches long -- only 24 inches to go -- and it is really nice

and did you hear that little yelp of joy from my vicinity yesterday afternoon? that would be the sound of my having finished our tax return -- YIPPEE!! so now I'm ready for the next onslaught -- either my daughter's or my friend in California -- Bring it on!!

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