Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wild About Flowers

as I said yesterday, I didn't have enough of the "fence" fabric for this project

but because I keep track of where I get things, I knew where I got that fabric and made a trip there yesterday

and I just love it when the stuff I need is on sale too!

so here is a good start on the design for the fair

these are all flipping around in the dryer as I write this -- except for the tulle

(I know, I know, did I really need another project right now? I guess so)

Knitting Olympics update!

97% complete --

all of the knitting is finished -- in fact (under the category of cue the Twilight Zone music) I had just finished binding off and showing the DH that I was now ready to start sewing it together when my phone rang and my sister was crowing about having just finished her knitting too


so, I'm pretty sure I'm going to get this thing done before the flame goes out tomorrow evening!

I finished this too

the very first block for the new box of afghan squares

and I cast on a new mitten

and worked on various other projects too

it was a busy day

spring is coming

these are the daffodils just outside my front door, poking their little heads up through the dirt

and yesterday I saw a robin in the front yard


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