Saturday, February 20, 2010

Twirly Blue Necklace complete

finished this all up on Thursday afternoon

I really like the chunky look of this one and because the materials were relatively inexpensive, I'll be able to keep the price really reasonable on it too

before I dug through the bead boxes I was thinking about using an odd assortment of different silver beads --- oops! I forgot I used them in a necklace that I did for a magazine competition and then gave it to my daughter

that's ok, I had other miscellany in the box to use!

I'm hoping to get this out onto Etsy in the next couple of days

here is the last of the heart song blocks that I plan to do

this makes three (not counting the first trial one that got cut up and put into Valentines!)

my plan for this was to do one a month for the quarter

can't believe I'm done already and it's not even March yet!

I'm definitely saving this pattern -- I can think of a lot of other color combinations with different things appliqued in the center

(and I might actually get brave and try piecing it on the machine!)

this would be the reason there was no blog posting yesterday

I had not been to a meeting of this group for over a year, between surgeries and being out of town on meeting days and weather, I just hadn't managed to get myself there

yesterday when I got up it had snowed overnight, but I decided I was going anyway

and I'm glad I did

this is a first for me -- there is no sewing in this yet, it is all just cut and spot glued just enough to hold it together so it can be moved

we did the fishes first, then created the backgrounds

so now it gets layered with batting and a backing and a piece of tulle goes over the top and it all gets quilted -- the tulle holds all the little pieces down and you can embellish, stitch, etc., over the top

I just need to make a stop in the fabric store today to get the tulle

and I'm starting to think about using this technique to do a piece for the Wild About Flowers challenge that will be entered in the State Fair --- hmmmmm

finished another afghan square -- now only one more needed to fill the box

my Knitting Olympics piece is now 41% complete (wow, I'm even impressing myself!) -- I'm nearly done with the fronts (ok, I took a slight short cut here -- I'm knitting both of them at the same time)

and I've finished knitting the first of another pair of scrap yarn striped mittnz and cast on the next one

yesterday I did something (shoveling snow? sitting in the same position in a chair for too long? breathing?!) that caused my lower back to go into muscle spasms -- I took the RX last night (ok, I took a quarter of one!) so this morning I'm sort of spacey still -- even so, the back hurts less and I hope to get some things done today!


AlisonH said...

Look at that necklace! And that fish quilt! Gorgeous!

Nancy G said...
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Nancy G said...

Let's try this again -

I love your fishy! (Hmmm, I seem to recognize that fabric in the lower left corner...and the middle of the bottom, too. LOL)
The necklace came out REALLY well, it's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

很喜歡你的blog哦...加油唷 ........................................